Industry Watchdog urges new standards on valuing UAE real estate to boost investment

Just over 18,900 rental disputes were registered in Dubai during the year, which is 5 per cent of the total rental contracts registered through the Ejari system. The number of cases and applications registered reached 11,765, with 7,809 cases resolved.

“The Rental Disputes Center has made great progress in reducing waiting times for first case hearings when compared to the previous year,” said a statement issued by Dubai Land Department. “Waiting times were also reduced for first instance circuit and appellate circuit judgement hearings.” (Last year, the number of cases were 8,836, which were distributed between conciliation, trial and appeal.) “The Rental Disputes Center has succeeded in providing enhanced services for all of our customers through equal application of the law so that each party receives their rights without distinction or favouritism,” said Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of the Land Department.

Marking its third year of operations, the RDC now has a 98 per cent success rate for its projects and 100 per cent completion rate for the development of procedures and implementation of sentences. This has bolstered by the rehabilitation of implementation bailiffs and the conciliation department.

The average waiting time for an applicant filing for dispute resolution is now at 24 minutes.

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